Mumford and Sons have been road testing new material while touring to promote their wildly successful debut album, 'Sigh No More,' but we haven't been given any indication as to when we can expect to get a new record out of the boys in the band -- until now.

Sitting down for a chat with recently (audio from which is embedded below), band members Marcus Mumford and Ben Lovett opened up about their cautious approach to releasing a followup to 'Sigh No More.' "We're feeling good about it," said Mumford when asked about the new material. "We're getting to the point that we're confident that it's going to sum us up quite well for where we're at now." Musing about a timeline for getting it out, he offered, "We would love to get it out tomorrow, but we want to get it out definitely by the end of the year. We don't want to set a date until it's finished."

The band's incessant touring has complicated the process. "It was a very busy couple of years," admitted Lovett, "but we also did manage to take a bit of time off to do some writing -- not so much together, which really started happening last year when we really started to get our teeth into the songs." Asked whether the new material fans have been hearing at shows will make it onto the next album, he sounded unsure. "There are some songs that people might assume are on the record -- and they might be right," he responded. "But there are some that we've played and we felt weren't really working for us and they won't make it on."

"It's all new to us," added Mumford. "We didn't really know a process to go into after the first record. We've learned quite a lot from making this one, and we'll take those lessons with us into the next process for sure."

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