Mumford and Sons are done writing and recording their latest album, and they're excited to release it to the world — but not until they're certain they don't hate it.

"If we listen back while we're mixing and discover it's s---, we'll just start again," keyboard player Ben Lovett tells NME. "We're not going to put it out until it's good enough." The band road-tested many of the new songs before recording them, a technique that helps, Lovett says, because "we get to listen to them through the crowd's ears."

The guys are taking their time to avoid feeling any pressure to recreate the success of their breakout release 'Sigh No More,' which catapulted them to stardom and led to their performance at the White House for President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Singer Marcus Mumford said in March, "Everyone’s just letting us get on with it. The only people that have heard it are [producer Markus] Dravs, our manager and us. No one else has been involved in the process.”

The band also spoke about two festivals they're planning for this summer in two separate towns in England. Guitar and banjo player Winston Marshall explained, "We know there are s---loads of festivals in Britain and no one needs a new one. But what we thought was missing was a high-quality, inner-city event where you can take over the city itself".

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