Three years after issuing their breakthrough, double-platinum certified and award-winning debut album, 'Sigh No More,' Mumford and Sons are gearing up for the release of their follow-up, 'Babel.' Ahead of that disc's Sept. 24 release date comes its first single, 'I Will Wait.'

Mumford and Sons didn't exactly achieve overnight success with 'Sigh No More,' but they weren't too far off, either. Two years after forming, their first-ever single, 'Little Lion Man,' shot to the top of the Alternative Songs chart here in the States back in 2009. And that was not long after the West London quartet barely missed the Top 40 of the overall U.K. singles chart.

'Little Lion Man' found success by touching on some prominent trends in popular indie rock at the time -- the melodic folk of, say, Fleet Foxes, the earnest skiffle jams of the Avett Brothers -- and offered little in the way of originality. Unfortunately, 'I Will Wait' seems primed to mine that exact same territory for a second time.

Employing the same basic instrumentation, following the same song structure and just mostly sounding a lot like 'Lion,' 'I Will Wait' seems to suggest that Mumford and Sons aren't looking to break any ground with 'Babel.' "We didn't want to do anything massively new," singer Ben Lovett recently told BBC Radio One, pretty much confirming the thought. "We didn't want to push the boat out too much." Hey, if it ain't broke, why fix it?

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