According to one commenter, this footage of the Mummies on San Francisco cable access in 1991 "could be the best video currently on YouTube." Dude is wrong -- there's no could about it!

Over the course of 32 spine-tingling minutes, the bandage-wrapped Bay Area "budget rock" legends lay waste to the tiny studio, unleashing a tornado of grimy guitars, cheeseball '60s organ riffs and punky drums. The sound is magnificently crappy, and frontman Trent Ruane spends half the performance splayed out on the floor, testing the durability of his toppled keyboard. Thanks to piss-poor editing, you even see them for a second without their masks.

As garage buffs know, the Mummies split up in 1992, but they've since reformed several times, the most recent being in 2011, when they headlined the Gutterball festival in Oslo. They've been kicking it in the tombs ever since, but you can't kill the undead, and it's probably just a matter of time before they poke their hands through the dirt and reemerge to give the world another Channel 53-style thrashing.