A man who accuses Muse of stealing his ideas for a sci-fi rock opera has filed a $3.5 million lawsuit against the band's label, Warner Bros. Records, in a New York City federal court, citing copyright infringement, unfair trade practices and unfair competition. 

Charles Bolfrass claims that he reached out to the British trio in 2005 with the idea for a "cinematic science-fiction rock opera" about space travel after the demise of planet Earth titled 'Exogenesis', reports Courthouse News. Bolfrass says that Muse rejected his idea a year later, then proceeded to use it on their 2009 album 'The Resistance' and three of its tracks: 'Exogenesis I,' 'Exogenesis II' and 'Exogenesis III.'

Writing credits for the three songs list Muse frontman Matt Bellamy. The album's liner notes, meanwhile, say of 'The Resistance' that, "It is a story of humanity coming to an end and everyone pinning their hopes on a group of astronauts who go out to explore space and spread humanity to another planet."

Sound familiar? Muse went on the win Best Rock Album honors at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards for 'The Resistance,' which was certified gold here in the States and two-times platinum in the U.K. Muse will release 'The 2nd Law,' their follow-up to 'The Resistance,' on Oct. 1.