It's here - new Muse music from the atmospheric powerful rock trio! The band revealed earlier today that their song 'Survival' had been chosen as the official theme song of the Summer 2012 Olympics in London, and now the track has made it's official debut.

In their statement revealing the Olympic association, the group revealed that Matt Bellamy had written the piece with the thrill of the Olympic competition in mind. After listening, it's evident he's fully connected on the concept. The track is a song that just builds in intensity and has the driving beat laid down by drummer Dom Howard just pushing the listener forward.

The song begins innocently enough, with some 'Glee'-style a capella backing while sparse piano notes and finger snaps begin the track. But it's not long before the backing vocalists give way to singer Matt Bellamy, who provides a theatrical feel to the track. In his best Freddie Mercury-esque delivery, the singer shows his range, going from showman to rock god in one fell swoop.

If you had any doubts this was about the Olympics, here's a few sample lyrics:
"Race, life's a race / I'm gonna win, yes, I'm gonna win / I'll light the fuse and I'll never lose / And I choose to survive, whatever it takes / You won't pull ahead, cause I'll keep up the pace." It's clear that Muse have the spirit of the Olympics in mind.

While those lyrics are being sung, Bellamy has the backing singers come back into the picture and there's someone in the background hitting rather operatic high notes. While that's striking and helps build to the crescendo, when the power of the trio finally kicks in, we get to hear Bellamy reaching the top of his range as well, and it's quite a falsetto he's got going on.

If 'Survival' is any indication of the band's future music, we're definitely looking forward to 'The 2nd Law' album, which is expected this fall.

Listen to Muse's 'Survival'