British trio Muse have announced the track listing for their highly anticipated new album 'The 2nd Law.' A total of 13 tracks will be included on the disc, which is due out this fall.

NME reports that 'The 2nd Law' will be released on Sept. 17 and includes the London Olympics anthem, 'Survival.' Muse recently premiered the official video for 'Survival' that featured footage of past Summer Olympic Games, and you can watch it here.

When Muse debuted the trailer for 'The 2nd Law' last month, some fans were surprised to hear the dubstep piece at the end. Frontman Matt Bellamy assures skeptics that the new record won't sound like Skrillex produced it.

"We've tried a bunch of new things, which the trailer gives a glimpse of," Bellamy said in a previous interview. "There's only one song that's like that. We've basically tried to do what Rage Against the Machine did with hip-hop in the 1990s and take a bit of the electronic world and dubstep and play it with real instruments. There's only one track like that. The rest of it is very, very diverse."

'The 2nd Law' will be the follow-up to Muse's 2009 album, 'The Resistance,' which skyrocketed the band to arena rockers all over the world. Tell us your favorite Muse song in our readers poll here.

Muse 'The 2nd Law' Track Listing:

'Panic Station'
'Follow Me'
'Big Freeze'
'Save Me'
'Liquid State'
'The 2nd Law: Unsustainable'
'The 2nd Law: Isolated System'