Muse have decided to call off a scheduled appearance in the wake of the attempted military coup in Turkey. They've also posted a link where fans can get a full refund.

"We regret that in light of recent capricious events in Turkey, we have decided to cancel our concert which was scheduled to take place on July 26th," the band said, via Twitter. "Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. We look forward to see our Turkish fans in the future."

Muse were set to play the Istanbul's Blue Night venue as part of an on-going tour in support of their apocalyptic concept album Drones, before armed forces attempted to overthrow the country's democratically elected leader last weekend. The coup failed, and President Recep Erdogan launched a brutal counter-offensive that has included both the firing of government employees and thousands of arrests.

Muse still have six dates left on the nine-month Drones world tour, which finds the group performing amid an incredible multi-media experience. The arena is encircled (and sometimes dive-bombed) by actual drones, even as Muse spin on a revolving stage. Screens meanwhile show giant puppeteer hands, which appear to guide band members through the show. "What you are seeing on stage," singer-songwriter Matt Bellamy told the Telegraph, "is effectively what is going on inside my head all of the time."

Their next show is scheduled for July 23 at Athens, Greece. From there, Muse travels to Romania, Iceland, Hungary, the Netherlands and Germany.

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