You can call My My Misfire sleaze rock, but it might actually just be sleaze. Straight wit no "rock" chaser. "I wrote it specifically for strip clubs, no joke," drummer and founder Aaron Birdsall told, describing 'Get Your Fix,' today's free MP3.

The dingy anthem is exactly what you'd imagine playing on a black-lit stage with a silver pole, spotlights criss-crossing around the room. But this time, sniffer's row isn't full of old pervs and their crumpled-up singles. Minnesota's finest have the front row all to themselves, and they're throwing around hundreds like it's their job. Wait ... where the hell did they get all that money?

We had to know, have any dancers adopted the song for their routines?

"Yup, Seville [high-end club in downtown Minneapolis]; some girls in L.A. and Vegas, too," Birdsall said. "The hottest s-- I've seen was two girls giving me a lap dance to my own song while making out. That was pretty sweet."

Sweet indeed. So if you're feeling filthy, pour yourself a whisky on the rocks and grab 'Get Your Fix.' You can keep up with My My Misfire here.

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