Nashville's beloved party-anthem band Natural Child dropped their third full-length, 'Hard In Heaven,' this year on Burger Records, and today, they offer up a treat of a track called 'Derek's Blues.'

Natural Child create blistering party rock tunes and are well known for having a totally awesome sense of humor, with such romantic lyrics as, "I don't wanna f--- you, but I got to." The band even describes itself as "probably known as much for what they say as what they do." But even on their blistering tracks, it's not all fun an games. Whatever you do, don't call it garage rock.

"There ain’t nothin garage about this song," the band tells of 'Derek's Blues.' "It’s about loving a woman you know you can’t have. The guitar solos can be translated into Eric Clapton’s life story."

Classic. Grab 'Derek's Blues' below -- and turn it up loud.

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