Neon Trees' 'Sleeping With a Friend' is a catchy electro-infused pop-rock track on its own. But things get a little spacey when the New York dance-pop duo ASTR get their hands on the track.

'Sleeping With a Friend (ASTR Remix)' takes Tyler Glenn's vocals and slows them down to deepen them so much that he's almost unrecognizable. At the same time, the voices on the chorus are multiplied, making it seem there's a huge choir backing up the Neon Trees frontman.

A heavy beat from a drum machine, plus dramatic swishes and other heavy percussion tracks, gives the song a more anthemic feeling compared to the pop-leaning hit version you're familiar with. You can listen to our exclusive premiere above.

And considering the sexual nature of the song -- which is the first single from the group's upcoming album -- and its celebration of the friends-with-benefits type of relationship, the bells and whistles that ASTR add to the track gives the cut some deeper meaning.