Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees recently sat down with Us Weekly to take part in the publication's popular 25 Things You Didn't Know About Me series, and we have to admit there's not a single item on the list the that we already knew about the singer -- but there are a few that we wish we still didn't know. Like the fact that he owns an autographed, full size cardboard cutout of Morrissey in the nude.

Wait, what?

You read that right. Glenn claims that he owns a cutout of the ex-Smiths singer that's not only life-size and signed by him, but it's completely nude. We would wonder if it was a bit awkward asking Moz to ink a cutout of himself in the buff, but the singer did pose completely nude for the cover of his 2009 single, 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris,' so we're thinking he probably didn't think twice about it.

Some other interesting facts about Glenn? Garbage's Shirley Manson used to be a celebrity crush of his, but now he's "friends with her and her husband, so that ended!" He also claims that he's the "second biggest Third Eye Blind fan in the world" (we wonder who the first is).

A few more? He "desperately [wants] to go to a Nickelback show" and he "sobbed literal tears while visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland," with those two items obviously being mutually exclusive -- very mutually exclusive.

OK, stop reading this and just go ahead and check out his entire 25 Things You Didn't Know About Me list here. What's your favorite item on it?

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