Pop-punk luminaries New Found Glory have been dominating the scene for a couple of decades now with their vibrant, catchy, pop-inspired hooks, but this week they're making headlines for a different reason. According to a report by TMZ, the band's guitarist Chad Gilbert just rescued a doomed old horse from being slaughtered and turned into glue. It's a morbid tale, but at least there is a happy ending!

The band recently announced a joint tour with Yellowcard with support from Tigers Jaw, and while Gilbert hit to Twitter to search for fan reactions to the tour, he found an ad for a mare that happens to share the band's name, but was only hours away from being put down. After he saw that it would only cost him $350 to rescue the horse, he recruited the rest of the band to join with him in adopting her. They then reached out to Freedom4Horses who found her an owner in Texas with spacious land for her to wander.

Check out our recent interview with the band's frontman Jordan Pundik here. You can check out all of their upcoming tour dates and stay up-to-date with the band via their official website.

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