Is Bernard Sumner wearing boxers, or are those just very small, thin shorts? The words "formal dress" probably never came up when the members of New Order got together to plan their performance for BBC 1. Not that the band's attire really means anything here.

They stopped by BBC 1 back in 1985. The above video is a performance of their huge hit 'Blue Monday.' This song would become so popular that a number of other bands would go on to cover it, usually with pretty terrible results, though. But the original version still holds up today.

New Order closed out their performance by playing another one of their hits, 'Temptation.' The band recorded several different versions of this song over the course of its career. One version was featured in different moments of the movie 'Trainspotting.' This makes sense, considering the name of the song and the theme of the movie.

New Order have had a rocky time maintaining their presence in the music scene since they formed from the ashes of Joy Division. They've broken up and reformed several times. At one point, they even enlisted the help of Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan.

New Order are currently back together and just finished a tour after releasing the outtakes collection 'Lost Sirens.' They dress a little better these days.