2014 has already packed more R.E.M. goodness into it than fans could have asked for, what with the Record Store Day four-LP, ‘Unplugged: 1991-2001,’ and the upcoming six-DVD set, ‘REMTV.’ But now, the seminal indie rockers have shared even more good news: They are compiling all of their I.R.S. singles from between 1983-1988 in one box set called ‘7IN-83-88.’

Set for release on Dec. 9, the compilation includes 11 singles (12 7-inches thanks to a U.K. double-pack), each housed in a replica of its original sleeve from the ‘80s. In addition to that double-pack (‘Wendell G’ b/w ‘Crazy’ and ‘Ages of You’ b/w ‘Burning Down’), the U.K. single, ‘Finest Worksong’ b/w ‘Time After Time’ (Live), will make its U.S. debut on vinyl with this box set.

Fans can pre-order '7IN-83-88' right here. As you wait to get your hands on this historical musical document, enjoy R.E.M.'s music video for 'Finest Worksong' below:

'7IN-83-88' Singles
'Radio Free Europe' b/w 'There She Goes Again'
'So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)' b/w 'King of the Road'
'(Don’t Go Back To) Rockville' b/w 'Catapult' (Live)
'Can’t Get There From Here' b/w 'Bandwagon'
'Driver 8' b/w 'Crazy'
'Wendell G' b/w 'Crazy' + 'Ages of You' b/w 'Burning Down' [U.K. double-pack]
'Fall On Me' b/w 'Rotary Ten'
'Superman' b/w 'White Tornado'
'The One I Love' b/w 'Maps and Legends' (Live)
'Its The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)' b/w 'Last Date'
'Finest Worksong' b/w 'Time After Time' (Live) [U.K. single]

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