In August, we were stoked to give away Philly-born, Brooklyn-based soul songstress Nicky Egan’s ‘Made a Fool of Me’ for free download. The song was the first in a series of three digital 45s by the singer, and now she’s back with a video for ‘Say Anything,’ the final installment.

The brand-new video, which you can watch above, was directed by Egan and includes a cast made up by her friends.

“I’m so proud of all the people who worked on it,” Egan tells “Everyone jumped on board, and those combined efforts and creative power made it that much better.”

The clip tells the story of a troubled couple. On the surface, their relationship is all dancing in fields and pushing each other on swings, but as the video progresses, their secret turmoil is revealed.

“The video itself represents this sort of repetitive, destructive love story I wrote based on a friend’s experience,” she adds. “I wanted the band to be the storytellers and thought it’d be cool to make it sort of a period piece.”

Egan and her band perform as the couple's story unfolds, ultimately playing the role of narrators. Watching the video, you’ll get a sense of the singer’s captivating live presence, which has been winning her praise since her 2011 debut album, ‘Good People.’