Night Riots are way into Halloween. How into it? For starters, the synth-toting anthemic L.A. rockers have cut a version of Siouxsie and the Banshees seasonal classic 'Halloween,' and they've packaged it with an appropriately themed new tune, 'Alone With the Undead,' as part of 'Hallowed Ground,' a limited-edition bundle containing a T-shirt and instant download. Click here to pre-order the package, and if you're in Encinitas, Calif., tomorrow night (Oct. 31), celebrate All Hallows' Eve by impersonating your favorite rocker and partying with the dudes at Macbeth's Halloween Costume Bash.

Or if you decide to stay in and scare the pants off yourself, check out one of the fine films Night Riots placed on their Top 10 Horror Movies list, a special Halloween inventory created just for Scroll down to read the group's picks and find out why each flick warrants watching.

  • 'American Werewolf In London'

    John Landis, who also did the 'Thriller' video for Michael Jackson, directed this. Awesome special effects and a great soundtrack make this one a classic.


  • 'Dead or Alive'

    Over-the-top-gory scenes (like the pudding shot and lawnmower scene) make this Peter Jackson movie a fun, gross Halloween treat.

  • 'Hocus Pocus'

    Zachary Binx's pirate shirt.


  • 'Evil Dead 2'

    Bruce Campell and a chainsaw hand make this one a no-brainer.

  • 'Frightners'

    We usually like fun Halloween movies over the super nasty scary ones. This is another Peter Jackson great with Michael J Fox. Just a fun ghost movie.

  • 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'

    Johnny Depp's in it. He used to be tight.


  • 'Monster Squad'

    This movie is like a low-budget Halloween 'Goonies' with classic monsters and kids smoking cigarettes and cussing.

  • 'Attack the Block'

    Angst-filled British kids defending their hood from aliens: What could be better than that? It feels like the Halloween version of 'The Sandlot.'

  • 'Casper'

    Devon Sawa's pirate shirt.

  • '28 Days Later'

    A movie that redefined the zombie genre with fast-running zombies. Also a great soundtrack and overall feel.