The gentlemen of Night Riots are living the rock 'n' roll dream. The Southern California quintet has been logging major miles, living out of suitcases and bringing its infectious brand of modern rock to audiences throughout the U.S.

The band has been touring in support of their new 'Young Lore' EP, a 6-track collection that serves as a fine teaser for their next full-length. Check out the EP and see why Rolling Stone named the band “one of the top 16 unsigned bands in North America" in their hallowed pages. has been running a series of exclusive tour blogs from Night Riots, and you can check out the latest installment below, a dispatch from drummer Rico Rodriguez:

“I am contented to note that people in Texas really do say the word 'Y'all' constantly. It is not some kind of stereotype or misconception; these people really do love to say ‘Y'all’ and it's awesome.

I wish we had more time to explore the Lone Star State, but we are too busy driving (it's a biiiiig state) and playing shows to see everything. We did get a tour of an old, remote cemetery, though. I'm glad it was a daytime tour. I imagine that place gets pretty gnarly at night!”

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