Together, Jarrod Gorbel and Blake Sennett -- formerly of Honorary Title and Rilo Kiley, respectively -- joined forces to form Night Terrors of 1927, and back in September, they released their debut EP, ‘Anything to Anyone.’ Now, they’re gearing up for the release of their full-length, ‘Everything’s Coming Up Roses,’ with a new music video for its lead single, ‘When You Were Mine.’

The catchy synth-pop track features vocals from Tegan and Sara, who also joined Gorbel and Sennett for the video. Check it out above.

“When first written, the song was inspired by one specific relationship,” the band told Rolling Stone in an interview. “As it evolved, it became less personal and more universal, a snapshot of those relationships that burn intensely at the outset but are ultimately doomed.”

The concept translates nicely in the new video, where a girl dances through her half-packed home, sometimes morphing into other characters to represent that universality.

“The flickering of characters in the video helped symbolize the pattern we repeat in our desperate search to feel whole or to find love,” they added.

Though ‘Everything’s Coming Up Roses’ won’t land until Jan. 20, you can tide yourself over with its full track list found below:

'Everything's Coming Up Roses'
1. ‘Dust and Bones’
2. ‘Running in Place’
3. ‘Perfect Day’
4. ‘When You Were Mine’
5. ‘Novocaine’
6. ‘It Would Be an Honor’
7. ‘Fire With Fire’
8. ‘Always Be One’
9. ‘Shine’
10. ‘Always Take You Back’
11. ‘Everything's Coming Up Roses’