'Go Right Ahead' and buy yourself one -- that could be the mantra behind the new commercial for the Nike+ 'Kinect Training' video game/personal training system for Xbox 360. It's also the name of the Hives song that's featured in the ad, an uptempo scorcher of a song that the Hives themselves have described as their "first flirt with glam punk, if you will." We definitely will.

"Since 2006, Nike+ has motivated runners to run further, basketball players to jump higher, and encouraged everyday athletes to do more," intones a voiceover on top of footage of, well, runners running, basketball players jumping and other athletes doing things like juggling soccer balls and jumping BMX bikes. "Now, Nike+ and Kinect for Xbox 360 are bringing together two of the world's largest gaming and athletic communities to redefine personal training at home."

That redefinition will take the form of 'Kinect Training.' Pairing the athletic expertise of Nike with the powerful motion-sensing technology of Xbox Kinect, 'Kinect Training' allows users to create a personalized workout regiment and then assess their progress and correct their form as they aim to accomplish their own goals. Think of it basically as a personal trainer in the form of a video game.

'Kinect Training' won't hit stores until the holiday season, but 'Go Right Ahead' dropped in April as the first single off the Hives' latest album, 'Lex Hives.' The band recently released a very cool video for the tune with an interesting concept behind it. The clip shows the band performing 'Go Right Ahead' live in fellow Swede/ABBA star Benny Andersson's RMV Studios, with the audio from the performance -- and not the album -- serving as the video's music. Go right ahead and watch it here.

Hear the Hives' 'Go Right Ahead' Featured in the Nike+ 'Kinect Training' XBOX 360 Commercial

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