MTV has unveiled previously unreleased footage of Nirvana fans before a homecoming show the grunge trio played in Seattle on Sept. 11, 1992 -- almost a year to the day since ‘Nevermind’’s release catapulted the band to fame.

MTV News tested the temperature of locals’ feelings toward the band’s newfound popularity, which was certainly mixed at best.

While some pined for smaller-venue shows and the recognition of other deserving Seattle bands, others were more than happy to welcome Nirvana back to their stomping grounds with open arms.

Included in the video are appearances by Phil Elverum of the Microphones, Kurt Cobain's and Krist Novoselic’s (many!) cousins from Aberdeen and other members of Cobain’s family.

His mom even offered some eerily astute wisdom when reflecting on her son’s success. “I’m glad he made enough success to make a living, but some of it is too much for him, I think -- for all of us really,” she said. “It’s a little overwhelming.”

Chock full of scrunchies, flannel tied around waists and some serious Hacky Sack skills, the 11-minute gem of a video is the perfect little '90s time capsule. You can watch it above.