Nirvana played a massive role in changing the face of rock music in a relatively short amount of time. As you can see from this footage of the band's first New York City concert, the band had to undergo a series of important transformations before they were ready to conquer the world.

The video bears some historic significance -- assuming you're also a Nirvana fan -- as it marks the band's first time playing in New York City; they performed at Manhattan's Pyramid Club in the East Village on July 17, 26 years ago.

Singer Kurt Cobain looks like he's been on the road for a while, with what appears to be a scraggly beard and an early appearance of a nice, bright, plaid flannel shirt. Within a few years, roughly one-third of the country's population (I made that statistic up, but a lot of people did wear ugly plaid flannel in the '90s) would be following in Cobain's fashion footsteps.

And you may notice another guitar player on the stage. That is none other than Jason Everman, the fellow responsible for footing the bill for Nirvana's first album, Bleach. This video is also pre-Dave Grohl, who didn't join the band until the following year.

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