Nirvana once made a crazy 'In Utero' commercial. How crazy? It features Bobact Goldthwait, and that's not even the crazy part. [Loudwire]

Another Morrissey tour bites the dust. [Pitchfork]

Adam Ant is walking his way to mental health. [Contact Music]

Is "shoegaze folk" a thing? Just listen to the new Widowspeak jam and don't worry about it. [Stereogum]

We're not sure what 'lousy with sylvianbriar' means, but that's the name of the new Of Montreal album, and we're psyched to hear it! [Death+Taxes]

Get ready to "bless the rains down in Africa" all over again -- Toto is hitting the road! [Ultimate Classic Rock]

Jay-Z rapped the tune 'Picasso Baby' for six hours today. That's some National-grade endurance right there! [Brooklyn Vegan]