Now this is a cool car commercial. In a new minute-long ad, the Nissan Juke is put together right before our eyes in mid-air while a previously-unreleased song from the Horrors plays in the background.

'The Kraken' is the name of the pulsing, energetic track that accompanies the clip, which features the tagline "built to thrill." The ad shows a man jumping out of a plane while strapped into a seat. As he freefalls, several fellow skydivers surround him with a car frame and attach wheels, an engine and a steering wheel.

When the car hits the ground, it lands in what appears to be a monster truck or BMX arena. As it speeds down the dirt track, a group of dirt bike riders cozies up next to the vehicle and finishes constructing the body with the addition of doors and a coat of red paint. The car flies off a ramp and lands in a body of water, where snorkelers add the finishing touches, including windows and headlights. When the car finally emerges through a tunnel back onto dry land, it's the fully formed Nissan Juke.

The Horrors have released three successful albums in the U.K., the most recent of which was 2011's 'Skying.' They are currently touring their home country with Florence + the Machine.

Band member Tom Cowan spoke briefly about the spot, writing, "We recently did some car ad music and it was a new experience to work to film. I enjoyed it though and have always said that I’d love to work on a soundtrack for something. You can approach the music totally differently."

Watch the Horrors' 'The Kraken' in the Nissan Juke Built to Thrill Commercial