You don't need any sort of substances or recreational drugs to alter your state of consciousness. Just watch the Horrors' video for 'Changing the Rain,' which is full of trippy images, as it'll likely bring about the same effect. The video is defined by a bright, rapidly changing color palette and plenty of shapes moving while shifting in and out of focus. Then there are those awesome animated heads, which we must assume are the avatars of the band members!

This CGI fest combined with the slow and chill pace of the song make this the perfect background music for toking and relaxing when you can't deal and you want some time to decompress and shake off the day. It's certainly a teaser for your brain as you try and assess what's going on, so it's certainly a video that will bring about heightened awareness if you play close, close attention to it.

The perspectives change, too, so you'll feel like you are floating in space with this band of Brits and like you are cruising behind 'em, as they encounter starships and other aircraft. It's trippy and otherworldly, just like we like it. We found ourselves trying to create our own story about the video by stringing together the context clues and action taking place in the clip.

Watch The Horrors 'Changing the Rain' Video