It's been more than a decade since No Doubt released their last album, 'Rock Steady,' and since then they've spent a good deal of time on the road and have also played a handful of one-off gigs. One thing they haven't done in a long, long time, however, is perform live on TV -- so long, in fact, that we can't even track down when the last time actually was. That said, No Doubt put that to rest Sunday night when they hit the stage of the 2012 Teen Choice Awards to bust out their big comeback single, 'Settle Down,' the first from their forthcoming album 'Push and Shove.'

'Settle Down' is an ironic name for the latest from No Doubt, mostly because that's exactly what they are not doing by getting back together. You can see the excitement coursing through the band these days -- check out singer Gwen Stefani at the Teen Choice Awards, dancing and prancing onstage even before they start performing the song.

By the time the thunderous triplet beat kicks off 'Down' -- played live at the show on floor toms by drummer Adrian Young, bassist Tony Kanal and an extra member added on as percussionist -- Stefani is so revved, she may indeed have to settle down a bit just to make it through the song.

Watch No Doubt Perform 'Settle Down' at 2012 Teen Choice Awards

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