When you get to be as big as No Doubt, everything is a huge deal -- rehearsing, recording, touring, even just doing press interviews -- but few things are as mammoth of a production as a band like No Doubt making a video. Don't believe us? Check out the behind-the-scenes webisode that was recently filmed as they hit a Hollywood-sized studio to shoot their new 'Settle Down' video.

"The idea is that we are all driving separate trucks and then we all arrive at this party and then we start playing together and then people are like, 'Yeah!'" drummer Adrian Young explains of the plot behind the clip, flashing a big thumbs up as he says it. Later, as the shoot drags on well past midnight, Young is recruited to climb on top of his big rig and rock the drums for the party scene, and we finally get to see No Doubt in action.

'Settle Down' is the first single off No Doubt's big comeback album, 'Push and Shove,' which drops Sept. 25. The 'Settle Down' video is out soon, but in the meantime watch the teaser below for a taste of the action.

Watch the Making of No Doubt's 'Settle Down' Video