There's something about Charlie I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable about. See, out here in sunny California, where the waves are a way of life, and the burritos contain french fries, people surf all their blues away. Chuck doesn't surf, at all. But he really likes to play with knives. Oh, and he's a bit of a pyro. Should I be worried?

That's the gist of No Valley's 'Charlie Don't Surf,' a black comedy about serial conspirator Charles Manson. Like a thick layer of board wax, No Valley glide along with pop abandon, playing the same major-key chord progression over and over in an endless ray of sunshiny ignorance.

Little do they know that Charlie is actually the equivalent of a land shark.

"'Charlie Don't Surf' was first written with Charles Manson in mind," the band's Wayne Memmer tells "I was influenced by his ability to manipulate."

"I was reading a lot about him at the time and was asking myself 'Why and how did something like this happen?" Memmer adds. "Why would anyone be so engaged by what he said and did, to the point that such evil acts were carried out?' With that idea in mind, I put more into the song about normal relationships and how often someone can be manipulated into doing things they do not want to do. It's surprising to me to realize what one human can make another human do through manipulation."

Don't teach Charlie how to surf. He might teach you how to die.

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