It's not often that the music playing during a video game's start screen is a screeching guitar tsunami like Sonic Youth's 'Barracuda.' But that's exactly what greets you when you play 'No Wave,' an 8-bit-styled game dedicated to all of the coolest bands to come out of the music scene of the same name.

The game's website describes the game. "You are Jim, a man from Brooklyn. You discover the underground life of New York. Someone told you to go out, but you're asking, 'Why?' And the answer is, 'Life is in the streets, in music, not only in your flat.' You decide to visit one of these clubs known for their wild side. They are repulsive but attractive in many aspects. So there you are, ready to try anything."

At the beginning of the game, you pick either the red candy or the green candy from the bouncer before entering a bar. If you take the green candy, you'll see the Swans playing their brutal early-days tune 'Half Life.' As you go through the game, you'll hear music from the Boys next Door (who later became Birthday Party, and who will smash a guitar over your head if you walk onto the stage) and Red City Noise, a band that the game's co-developer Dorian SRed is a member of.

They made the game in 48 hours for the annual Game Dev Party.