Former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher has released a brand new track from his other band's upcoming sophomore album, and it's so unbelievably Oasis-like that you'd think you were listening to '(What's The Story) Morning Glory?' all over again -- most likely to Liam Gallagher's chagrin.  You can listen to the High Flying Birds' new track, 'In the Heat of the Moment' below.

The new album, 'Chasing Yesterday,' is due out March 2 and is currently available for pre-order via the singer-songwriter's website. 'In the Heat of the Moment,' which will be followed by an official music video soon, was inspired by a documentary about an astronaut who enters space for the first time, comparing it to "touching the face of God."

Stay tuned for more from the High Flying Birds, and since Gallagher produced the "pain in the arse" album himself -- as he described the process -- we should be in for a solid listen.

High Flying Birds -- 'In the Heat of the Moment'