While everyone else seems to be pining for an Oasis reunion, Noel Gallagher is too busy tearing it up with his High Flying Birds to be bothered. He and his outfit made an appearance on The Tonight Show to perform "Lock All the Doors" from their new album, Chasing Yesterday. Check out the performance in the video above.

Gallagher recently had a chat with fans via a Reddit AMA, and as you might expect, there was plenty of swearing interwoven within the general theme of his high self-esteem. He mentioned that he'd love an opportunity to appear on Jerry Seinfeld's show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, although he did not mention any aspirations to become a comedian.

He also told the story behind the red-stoned ring he wears:

I bought this ring in a pawn shop in Tokyo in the 90's. It's a US college ring that I believe people get when they graduate from college in America. It was given to somebody. I'm assuming a G.I. stationed in Tokyo, from Ruston High School in Mississippi (I've looked it up).

It has started many a boring conversation with some of the American armed forces in airport lounges across the world, when they'll say to me "Where'd you go to school buddy?"


"I see you got a ring there. Where'd you go to school?"

"I went to Ruston High School in Mississippi, as you can tell by my accent."

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