Since Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Birds have been making the publicity rounds, the elder Gallagher brother hasn't shied away from waxing nostalgic about the golden days of Oasis.

Or maybe they should be called the black and blue days. Either way, Noel stopped by The Late Late Show With James Corden to have a bit of a chat.

Corden, who seems to love Brit pop, asked Noel if he and his brother, the always cordial Liam Gallagher, ever had any "proper fisticuffs" during their time playing together. Noel confirmed what we all knew already: There were plenty of fights.

When asked who typically won these, Noel said they were usually pretty even, but he did say he left on a high note. You can watch that part of the interview above.

Noel also tried to spark a little controversy when discussing his favorite American food, saying he likes hamburgers and "hot dog sandwiches." Yes, he insisted that hot dogs are, in fact, sandwiches, despite the fact that they're shaped absolutely nothing like a sandwich. See and hear for yourself:

Noel and his band also knocked out a raucous version of the song "Lock All the Doors" from their album Chasing Yesterday. The band has a few shows left on its American tour, all of which are currently sold-out -- you can find the full tour itinerary here, and check out their Late Late Show performance below: