If you were still grasping on to a sliver of hope that Oasis might reform in the neare future, Noel Gallagher has once again dashed away any such optimism. The High Flying Birds frontman told Esquire he has his five-year plan mapped out and a reunion with his younger brother, Liam, isn’t part of it.

“I can only tell you I’ve already got the next five years planned out,” Gallagher said. “So it’s not going to happen in the next five years. Who knows what circumstances might be thrown up in the future? But, certainly, it’s not even on the horizon.”

Even if Gallagher had a change of heart in five years, he believes Liam -- who appeared to be the one game for a reunion earlier this year -- would decline out of spite.

“Ten years from now, if I wake up one morning and go, ‘You know what? I think I’m going to do it,’ I can guarantee you, just for spite, Liam would say, ‘Oh, no, I’m not keen,’” Gallagher noted. “Because that’s the way s--- works.”

Gallagher also doesn’t believe Oasis would gain anything from reforming, because unlike other bands on the reunion circuit, his band already reached the height of their fame.

“If Oasis were ever to come back we couldn’t be any bigger than we’d already been,” he said. “There’s no kudos in us selling out three nights at Wembley because we’ve already f---ing done seven. The Stone Roses never played gigs of that magnitude. They came back and they were bigger than they’d ever been. So it was justified.”

While a Stone Roses reunion may have been warranted, Gallagher says other bands are missing the je ne sais quoi required -- namely him.

“All of the bands that get back together, all those ones you’ve mentioned [Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin], they didn’t have anybody in the line-up as f---ing brilliant as me,” Gallagher said. “What’s the guitarist out of Fleetwood Mac called? Lindsey Buckingham. I can’t remember him setting the world on fire. Jimmy Page? That’s debatable. He’s a good guitarist but I’m not sure how many solo albums he’s f---ing made.”

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