Smartphone commercials and indie rock go together like criminals and handcuffs: Sooner or later they're inextricably linked to each other. A commercial for Nokia's new Lumia 610 phone uses 'Riot Rhythm' by Sleigh Bells.

According to the spot, the Nokia Lumia 610, which comes in a variety of "delicious colors," allows you to "Turn up the Fun" in a number of ways. You can text your friends, play Fruit Ninja, update your Twitter and Facebook statuses and use its 5 megapixel camera. An assortment of live tiles and free apps make this possible.

The phone website is touting its other features, such as the inclusion of Bing and Internet Explorer 9. The phone, the cheapest of Nokia's Windows-based phones, is targeted at younger customers buying their first smartphone.

'Riot Rhythm' is found on Sleigh Bells' debut album, 2010's 'Treats.' Their second release, 'Reign of Terror,' came out in February. The Brooklyn based duo comprised of Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss is currently on tour across America through July 22.

Hear Sleigh Bells' 'Riot Rhythm' in the Nokia Lumia 610 Commercial