We've been expecting a new album from Sleigh Bells ever since they gave us "Champions of Unrestricted Beauty" back in December. They've given us another taste of what they've been working on with "Hyper Dark," which can be streamed below.

Sleigh Bells, a Brooklyn duo consisting of singer Alexis Krauss and multi-instrumentalist Derek E. Miller, haven't released a record since 2013's Bitter Rivals, their third effort, but they have kept busy. Back in 2014, Krauss co-launched a website about the dangers of the big-brand cosmetics industry and, last November, they accused Demi Lovato of sampling two of their songs without getting the proper clearance.

And, in addition to "Champions of Unrestricted Beauty," another new track, "Rule Number One," arrived last month. Their justification for dropping the songs one at a time instead of all at once was put in the tweet that accompanied the release of "Champions." “We are finishing up our record, didn’t want to wait,” they succinctly wrote.

The duo also announced a two-week tour for the end of August through mid-September that will sprinkle in a few festival dates between club shows. They'll also do a swing through the West Coast in November. You can see the itinerary below.

Listen to "Hyper Dark" by Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells 2016 U.S. Tour Dates

8/31 -- Cleveland, Ohio
9/1 -- Detroit, Mich.
9/2 -- Chicago, Ill.
9/3 -- Minneapolis, Minn.
9/4 -- Denver, Colo.
9/7 -- Washington, D.C.
9/8 -- New York, N.Y.
9/10 -- Asbury Park, N.J.
9/12 -- Philadelphia, Pa.
9/13 -- Cambridge, Mass.
11/11 -- San Diego, Calif.
11/15 -- San Francisco, Calif.
11/18 -- Portland, Ore.
11/19 -- Seattle, Wash.

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