Self-proclaimed electro-pop singer NOVI forges her own unique voice in an era wrought with cheap sass and overexposed ass. While not as safe as teacher's pet T-Swift is these days, you won't find any flimsy buzzwords like 'cocaine' or 'gay' sprinkled into NOVI's lyrics (ahem, looking at you, Lana and Katy), and she's a classy dresser to boot.

In 'The Ad,' we hear a clever mixture of '90s R&B and '80s pop below NOVI's slightly less-theatrical-than-Adele style of crooning, whispering and rhyming about a modern variation on a theme. The theme: unattainable love and longing. The variation: the object of her desire exists only in an advertisement. If that's not 2012 in America, I don't know what is.

Luke Thomas, who plays guitar alongside NOVI, shared his enthusiasm for the single with "'The Ad' is one of those ridiculously catchy songs that sticks in your head all day. You will find yourself singing it in the grocery store and at the gas station."

Don't take his word for it. though. See for yourself what this rising LA star has to offer below.

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