Liam Gallagher has probably mellowed out at least a little with age — but clearly not enough to hold his tongue when an interviewer gives him an opportunity to compare his own music favorably to anyone else's.

The Oasis co-founder looked back on his former band's illustrious past during a recent interview with Little White Lies, timed to promote the retrospective documentary Supersonic. Reminded that Oasis went from unknowns to festival headliners in the space of three short years, Gallagher used the opening to point out that they achieved their peak of worldwide superstardom faster than the Beatles.

"What we did in three took the Beatles eight. Good, y’know, f---in’ rightly so. I thought we were the bollocks and I thought we’d be doing that all over the world," said Gallagher. "I thought America would buy it, everyone would buy it...But that, my friend, is cocaine for you."

Pressed on the question of why Oasis were never quite as popular in the U.S. as they were in their native U.K., Gallagher chalked the disconnect up to trans-Atlantic differences in taste.

"I don’t know man, they like all the razzmatazz don’t they and we weren’t given them any of that. They thought we were c---s and they didn’t know how to handle us so it was 'Move along, boys,' y’know what I mean?" he mused. "But I’m f---in’ glad about it. We could’ve gone over there and married an American actress and got a house in Malibu and started wearing biker jackets and pointy shoes and all that s---."

Supersonic debuts in U.K. theaters this weekend, with a one-night U.S. engagement scheduled for later this month.

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