Supersonic, the documentary about Oasis that is made by the same team that created Amy, the Academy Award-winning film about Amy Winehouse, will be seen in theaters across the U.S. However, screenings will be restricted to one night, Oct. 26.

Over at the website for the movie, you can see where it’s playing closest to you and buy tickets. The page says that more showtimes will be added in the future.

Earlier this month, the producers released the trailer, which you can see here. Supersonic chronicles the rags-to-riches story of Noel and Liam Gallagher from public housing in Manchester, England, to one of the biggest bands in the world by the mid-‘90s, and the subsequent falling out, as the trappings of fame drove a seemingly permanent wedge between the Gallaghers. Supersonic uses narration by the brothers, which was reportedly recorded at separate times, and lots of archival footage, including some clips of them enjoying a laugh together.

Since their breakup in 2010, they have refused all offers to reunite and spend a great deal of time publicly insulting each other. This summer, Liam said that Noel looked like a potato, which caused Noel to respond that Liam was hiding in the "'where are they now' basket."

On Oct. 7, Oasis are reissuing their 1997 album, Be Here Now, in a super deluxe edition. In addition to a remastered take on the original, it adds a second disc of b-sides and extra tracks and a third disc comprised of demos Noel recorded on the Caribbean island of Mustique with producer Owen Morris. You can get all the details of the contents of the box set here.

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