As previously reported, Supersonic, a documentary about Oasis, is being released in Britain next month. The first trailer for the movie has been released, and you can watch it above.

The film traces the rise of Noel and Liam Gallagher from a council estate in Manchester, England to become arguably the biggest band in Britain in the '90s. Then it went downhill, as they became known more for drunken brawls and other scandals. "The day that it steps over into the tabloids," Noel says, "then you've gone to the dark side."

"Oasis is like a Ferrari," Liam adds. "Great to look at, great to drive, and it will f---ing spin out of control every now and again.

Supersonic uses narration provided by the Gallagher brothers -- recorded at different times, according to The Guardian -- and lots of archival footage. After years of insulting each other in the press, it's rather jarring to see them laughing together, even, as depicted in the trailer's final shot, Noel calls Liam a "prick."

The movie was produced by the same team that created Amy, the Academy Award-winning documentary about Amy Winehouse.

Matt Whitecross is the director and, at a screening in Wales this weekend, he became the latest to go on record with his thoughts about whether the brothers will ever reunite. “Neither of them have discounted the idea of getting back together," he said, as reported by NME. "It will happen, I’m sure. The idea of never seeing them again for me is impossible.” He added that Coldplay's frontman has been doing his part.

"Noel said everyone is always coming up to them giving them advice about how they are going to mend this relationship. He's friends with Chris Martin and he said Chris should quit the music business and become a therapist because every week he goes 'Look this is how you are going to patch up the band.'"

Oasis is arriving in British theaters on Oct. 2, with home distribution -- DVD, Dlu-ray and digital download -- coming on Oct. 31.

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