Multi-instrumentalist Nick Kostylew is branching out from his native Zelenograd, Russia, in order to share his whimsical digitalism with the West.

The songwriter has been making music as Oceania for several years now, plodding around Moscow's underground dance and electronic scenes. Back in March, Kostylew released his second EP, 'Coiled Up,' and has since been gaining traction in the rest of Europe.

His single 'Feel You Are Gone Again' is in the same class as Grizzly Bear and Atlas Sound, bringing together subdued bass tones and huge pads of vocal layering for a surreal and esoteric experience.

"I made 'Feel You Are Gone Again' in my bedroom," Kostylew tells "I like this idea of staying alone at home for a long time, not going out, talking or chatting to anyone and making art."

"This one was recorded on the sixth or seventh day of such kind of hysteria," he adds. "Usually, it takes me one to two days to finish a tune -- I just can't do it any longer -- and this one is not an exception. I had a lot of fun making it, though. I remember recording about 30 layers of 'start-over' vocals, then about the same amount of 'wash your hands' vocals and then only one really high-pitched 'disappear' vocal over all the others. This tune is kind of a mantra, actually."

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