Odd Us singer-songwriter Aras Baskauskas has called quite a few places home. After playing basketball for UC Irvine, the L.A. native moved to Lithuania to play pro ball, but not for long. He then lived for a time in South Africa, where he opened his own yoga studio. Sometime during all of this, he also managed to win a season of ‘Survivor.’ Clearly the wearer of many hats, Baskauskas is also a skilled musician and artist.

Following all of the aforementioned travel, the singer returned to L.A. and started making music under the Odd Us moniker. His debut album, ‘The Tree and the River,’ comes in packaging designed by Baskauskas himself, and it includes a lovely, albeit heartbreaking, illustration of the LP’s title track.

The eight songs capture Baskauskas’ brand of alt-country, which has a very easy way about it, even during the kinds of up-tempo moments heard on today’s free MP3, ‘Home.’

“‘Home’ is an anthemic song loaded with social commentary,” Baskauskas tells Diffuser.fm. “But in the end, [it’s] a celebration of that part of all of us that can never be commoditized or captured.”

Download the acoustic rocker below, and see Baskauskas’ return to television on ‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water,’ which premieres tonight (Sept. 18).

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