Ogre Smash Death Boom's misleading, albeit fantastic, name had us thinking we were in for some aggressive, dark, perhaps cynical or sarcastic hardcore punk. That was years ago, the first time we heard this project by Alex Forred. While it is decidedly aggressive with an obvious punk element, Ogre Smash Death Boom's darkness and sarcasm are subtle -- mere atoms of the whole cell. To call OSDB a hardcore punk band would be reductive and lazy. Woven into Alex's basement-faring punk songs, just beneath the DIY production, are clear nods to blues, classic rock and '70s stadium pop.

In the years since, OSDB has grown and evolved from a one-man project into a fully manned band with a concerted style and unique sound -- not to mention a road-weathered and crusthouse-approved tour itinerary.

From the group's 'Tour Tape 2012' comes the single 'Pulled In Tight,' which we learned will also be available on LP soon. "More or less just shopping the demos right now," Forred tells Diffuser.fm. "But we are finishing those recordings from ['Tour Tape 2012'] for the LP; we are gonna put out this summer, so keep your eyes peeled for that!"

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