YouTube music video heroes OK Go transcended the boundaries of the internet this weekend (May 23) when they appeared as the featured band on CBS This Morning: Saturday. The band performed three songs and was interviewed about the process behind its hit online clips. Take a look at the interview and performance of "The Writing's On The Wall" below:

The band talked about the process behind its one-shot videos, saying the most attempts their most arduous one took to get right was 126.

"The reason so many of our videos are one-shot is because we really want people to experience a thing that the band is doing," frontman Damian Kulash said. "The reason we run our own business is because we don't fit well in the major label universe. We like to chase our creative ideas. It's the videos we get to create, it's the art projects we get to do, it's the science projects we get to work on."

The band also performed "This Too Shall Pass" and "I Won't Let You Down," so check both of those out below:

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