Brooklyn rockers Old Monk aren't huge fans of cheesy, live-action music videos. So they set about animating their own tunes through 8-bit MS Paint-style masterpieces. Singer Josh Carrafa (who just so happens to be the brains behind Music History Gifs) recently converted his band's single 'Fowl and Foe' into a MindCraft odyssey of gore.

The song itself is a fast-paced punk jam that saunters through all kinds of key changes and arpeggiations, but the video -- which is honored to premiere -- amplifies the track's humorous undertones. We follow an unarmed paint blob as he attempts to slay a dragon. It's a hard-fought battle that includes copious beer gulps and a hilariously long segment in which our hero crawls through several scenes, leaking blood all about.

"I don't like standing around and shooting live action music videos," Carrafa tells "It's boring and tedious and it feels weird to lip-synch and pretend to play guitar."

"So I started to animate our videos," he adds. "This song is about philosophical concepts like consciousness, reality and existentialism. So I decided to combine the three most philosophical things I could think of: Game of Thrones, Monty Python and King's Quest."

Between the anime fight with a beastly rabbit and the stomach-slaying of the dragon, there's just too much awesomeness in this video.

Watch Old Monk's 'Fowl and Foe'

Fowl and Foe from Old Monk on Vimeo.