Today, we're really excited to bring you '100 Years of Hermitage,' the first single from experimental post-hardcore act Omnitrigger. Obviously, we'd never offer our readers music from bands we don't like, but every once in a while, a real gem comes sliding across the desk that stands out from the rest. Ladies and gentlemen, Minneapolis quartet Omnitrigger.

The four seasoned Midwest musicians combine an early Glassjaw-esque aggression with the honest melody of '90s acts like Jawbreaker and Texas Is the Reason, and they display it with the technical savvy one would expect from an angrier Battles or Don Cab. What, my friends, is not to like?

"Used as the first track from our recent debut release, 'The Self-Titled Horse EP,' '100 Years of Hermitage' is a good example of what we aim to sonically accomplish ... which is to swiftly punch the listener in the face with an abrasive and energetic level of bombastic faux-machismo, whilst leaving behind a few memorable hooks along the way." guitarist Matthew "Gravey" Graves told

If you ask us, they've accomplished just that. Given the strong introduction, we can only wonder what's to come from Omnitrigger. Grab '100 Years of Hermitage' below and keep up with the band's equally high-quality YouTube page here.

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