Little is known about the mysterious new trio ON AN ON, which dropped onto the the musical landscape sometime around last August. With very little info available on the Chicagoans, we'll just have to focus on the music. More specifically, let us consider the single 'Ghosts', a sopping wet, luscious dream-anthem whose lyrics explore the possibility that people may exist outside of their mortal bodies.

"'Ghosts' is based on the concept of a deeper death than the physical," group member Nate Eiesland muses. "There is something more final to the idea of being forgotten than the event of passing away ... When you die, in some small way, you live on in the memories of the ones you love. What happens when your story stops being told?"

The atmosphere of this wandering indie-pop track definitely evokes ghostly images and casts a translucent, white glow. If you're a fan of Polica or Yeasayer, download 'Ghosts' below.

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