Faris McReynolds is, for all intents and purposes, a successful L.A.-based visual artist. Despite consistently showing in galleries and selling his paintings, he felt his creativity was stifled. He found himself spending his hard-earned dollars on music equipment, and soon enough, he put two and two together. McReynolds quickly changed gears and started making music as One Finger Riot — a lot of music.

Almost as soon as he put the final touches on One Finger Riot's debut album, ‘Come Drag Me Down,’ McReynolds was already working on a follow-up, as well as another album with his side project, ExDetectives.

‘Come Drag Me Down,’ which landed a year ago via Post Planetary, explored the singer-songwriter’s dissatisfaction as a visual artist. The songs, he said, are “about me hating my life as a painter.”

Today, we’re offering ‘Freedom Song’ for free download. Despite its slinky, electronic sound, McReynolds says his writing process actually started on piano and drew from world music, pop and hip-hop.

“The lyrics are about letting go of expectations,” he told Diffuser.fm. “I always loved the title of Dinosaur Jr.’s ‘Whatever’s Cool With Me,’ because it wasn’t really clear what the statement really was. I really like the idea of an anthem that’s saying something … else.”

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