Covers are often hit-or-miss, but one-woman-band Kawehi proved she knows what she's doing with her recent rendition of Garbage's "I'm Only Happy When It Rains." Kawehi builds her covers from the ground up using her voice, beatboxing, keyboards, looping machines and whatever else she can operate simultaneously, much like the way Reggie Watts performs. Check out the cover above.

Around this time last year, Kawehi, full name Kawehi Wight, uploaded a cover of Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box" that drew a lot of attention. Kawehi also performs live in a similar manner to how she plays on video.

"90 percent of my live set is looping," she told Elle in 2014. "I got into it a couple of years ago. My Ableton set is fairly new; I've only been using it for like six months or so. But that's my style. I used to just play guitar and do acoustic. But I really got bored and I felt like I was really capping off at a certain level. So I got a loop pedal and it kind of all went from there."

Kawehi self-released a new album, Evolution, on March 17. The seven-song record features all original compositions written and performed by Kawehi and her husband, Paul Wight, and is available on Bandcamp.

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