Ellen Kemper has a lot on her proverbial plate. The 19-year-old is juggling life as a college freshman studying music and as the frontwoman for the up-and-coming lo-fi indie outfit Palehound. The trio was a favorite amongst CMJ-goers earlier this month, and her brand-new ‘Bent Nail EP’ is bound to keep the momentum going.

Also featuring bassist Carlos Hernandez and drummer Julian Fader, Palehound released the ‘Bent Nail EP’ on Oct. 22 via Exploding in Sound Records. Kemper says the album speaks to the difficult transition from teenager to young adult, which can be heard in today’s free MP3, ‘I Get Clean.’

The singer pens hazy anthems that exhibit her dry humor as well as wisdom well beyond her 19 years. In the new track, Kemper jockeys from one punctuated quip to another, but she unloads some serious insight on listeners when she sings, “I’m stunted for the fun of it / When I should f---ing grow.”

“‘I Get Clean’ was a product of a period of time when I was taking out anxiety by incessantly picking at my fingernails and showering multiple times a day,” Kempner tells Diffuser.fm.

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