San Francisco's Pancho-San are back with their sophomore release, 'Americans,' and while the record is slightly more pop-oriented than their previous full-length, it should walk the fine-line of retaining old fans and winning new ones.

Thankfully, the band hasn't completely lost its minimal production style or quirky leans into Modest Mousey territory. For those who aren't familiar with Pancho-San, the trio is the latest project in the career of Patrick Abernathy, former keyboardist for the Bay Area band Beulah.

Abernathy fronts Pancho-San, and describing 'A Fool, A Fall, A Foal,' he tells Diffuser, "The song is about growing up, or the process of becoming … in our 20s, some of us just really want to be different and unique -- maybe for good reasons. Then maybe somewhere in your 30s, you realize that you need to see beyond that way of thinking a little bit, to make some adjustments and fix a few things about yourself -- and that you are capable of becoming something more than you thought you could be."

So, there you have it. Here's to figuring yourself out.

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